DIY Master: Sewing Table Edition

So Nick has learned that sometimes I will just go down a rabbit hole and stop everything I'm doing to work on one project. Since I got my new sewing machine Astrid (you know a Viking name for strength) I've been wanting to make a table so I have more quilting space, and have a table that is the proper height sewing. 

So! I made one....and it turned out PERFECT!! 

I first scoured the Pinterestverse for a good tutorial and then went to work! I used this tutorial from From Martha With Love. I did make a few modifications the biggest being a swapped out the legs that came with the Ikea table for ones I made myself with some 2x2s. 

I turned our dining room area into a construction and painting zone and went to work. 

I did put my support boards in before cutting my machine hole, if I ever have to do this again...cut your hole first...

I had to trace my machine a few different times to get the right placement. 

Testing it out to make sure its the right height with my chair before I move forward with painting it. 

Because of the shape of my machine I also made this little wedge so I wouldn't have a space in front of my machine to lose everything in. This took lots of finagling and use of my handy dandy new sander. 

It got a few coats of white paint that I had lying around the house...

And into the sewing corner it went! 

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