Caring for your Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap! 

But, I always get asked "How do I care for my beeswax wraps??" 

Use your wraps to store anything from fruit, veggies, cheese, bread. Anything that you would normally put in a plastic bag, or plastic wrap. 

Wash with cool soapy water, and they should last you about a year. 

Stay away from any raw meat products and heat! Don't store them in the cabinet next to your stove, or after cooking your Thanksgiving Turkey all day you will realize that your wax wraps melted! 

If you are using your wax wraps on the  same item over and over again you may get some wax build up in one area, or a bit of wear down. This is so easy to fix. Just get a piece of Aluminum Foil and pop them in a warm oven (wax melts around 150 degrees) for a few minutes. The wax will melt and redistribute to get more useful months out of your wraps.

When they have come to the end of their lives my wraps are made with 100% cotton so they are compostable (just cut into small pieces) and biodegradable. They should last you about a year. 

Custom Quilts

I love making quilts! 

I've been making quilts for 10 years now, and there are only so many quilts you can make for yourself and your family, so I would love to make one for yours! 

We will work together to collaborate on picking the perfect colors and fabrics to fit your style. 


Baby Quilt (36x48 inches): $199
Toddler Quilt (48x60 inches): $249
Lap Throw (60x60 inches: $299
Large Throw (60x72 inches): $399
Twin Quilt (72x84 inches): $499
Full/Queen Quilt (84x96 inches): $599 
XL Queen Quilt (96x96 inches): $699
King Quilt (108x108 inches): $799 

If you are interested in collaborating on a custom quilt you can contact me at fussycutting[at] 

DIY Master: Sewing Table Edition

So Nick has learned that sometimes I will just go down a rabbit hole and stop everything I'm doing to work on one project. Since I got my new sewing machine Astrid (you know a Viking name for strength) I've been wanting to make a table so I have more quilting space, and have a table that is the proper height sewing. 

So! I made one....and it turned out PERFECT!! 

I first scoured the Pinterestverse for a good tutorial and then went to work! I used this tutorial from From Martha With Love. I did make a few modifications the biggest being a swapped out the legs that came with the Ikea table for ones I made myself with some 2x2s. 

I turned our dining room area into a construction and painting zone and went to work. 

I did put my support boards in before cutting my machine hole, if I ever have to do this again...cut your hole first...

I had to trace my machine a few different times to get the right placement. 

Testing it out to make sure its the right height with my chair before I move forward with painting it. 

Because of the shape of my machine I also made this little wedge so I wouldn't have a space in front of my machine to lose everything in. This took lots of finagling and use of my handy dandy new sander. 

It got a few coats of white paint that I had lying around the house...

And into the sewing corner it went! 

Caring for your Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap!  But, I always get asked "How do I care for my beeswax wraps??"  U...