La Passacaglia Update!

 Last November I knew I would have some downtime around the Holidays at work, and I was trying to think of things that I could take back and forth with me between work and home. I had purchased the book and templates for the La Passacaglia Quilt a year or so before hand....but everything was so little and I was intimidated to start.

I grabbed my book and templates out and decided to start! I could work on it at work because I could put it down mid stitch when someone needed something. And was small enough to work on little pieces at my desk throughout the day. (I know great job huh?)

I pulled out the fabrics that I had used in my Philadelphia Map Quilt a few weeks before and decided to use those as my starting place for the La Pass. I would make all of the little tiny triangles out of Navy. And I was only going to have a few fabrics that I fussy cut to make it easier.

Over Thanksgiving I cut lots and lots and lots of fabric. And started stitching at work.

I've worked on this project mostly during downtime at work with the occasional stitching at home.

I'm about halfway done.

There are a few things I've found or been introduced to through this process.

1) Ziploc bags are the best for storing this project. But IKEA has some great cute bags.

2) The Purple Thang is amazing! Who knew this little gizmo was out there?

3) I've accepted the fact that you will see my stitches on this project. Mostly because I know I put in every one of those stinking stitches!

4) I have no timeline for this project. It will get done when it gets done. And I am enjoying the process.

5) Copy the pages of your book so you can write all over them and mark off when you've finished up a Rosette.

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  1. I'm so impressed, Jordyn! La Pas was my first EPP (started about 3 years go) and I think I've got one small rosette done - LOL! Now I've got so many EPP projects started, I don't know when I'll get back to it ("Squirrel" syndrome LOL). Yours is looking great!!


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