Plus Quilts

The Plus Baby Quilt is my go to for new babies in my life. I think they are super cute and can be done in so many different ways! 

I of course love making it in all of the bright colors! But, it could be made with low volume fabrics with a pop of color, or all done in one color family. Its also a great way to just show off some of your favorite fabrics. 

This second one I did was a custom order. The client wanted to use her bridesmaids dress for her friends wedding for the baby quilt I loved this idea. The solid light pink is the dress. I used fabrics that I thought went well with that pink, but didn't distract from it.   

Overall, I think the plus quilt is a great everyday quilt for anyone. You can dress it up or dress it down and get the end product that you want. 

If you're interested in ordering a Plus Baby Quilt you can head over to The Fussy Cutting Quilt Shop on Etsy and order one! 


So this has been a journey....

This quilt started as just that small circle in the middle. I took a short class from Sarah Bond (@slbphilly on Instagram) at a sewing retreat, she teaches this class called Release the Geese. I had seen what she did with these geese before and loved them. So i made the first round...but I knew I didn't just want to make a quilt that was concentric circles. So off it went to the WIP bin for a few years.

Then, PhillyMQG started round robins up again, I said oh I'll throw my circle in there...someone can add something to it and then I'll see where it goes. Well...Sarah took it! So she added more geese to it and off I went again!

It sat on my design wall for a few days before I decided it needed curvy borders. I started with the green curve because I knew that I could add one row inside of it and rows to the outside if I wanted to.

Off I went making arc after arc after arc. Figuring out the clockwise or counter clockwise as I went. 

Then I decided it needed insides and outsides. So off I went making a million more geese, but I didn't have enough of the original charm packs left, so I just used the fabrics that I had the most of. 

I made pile after pile of arcs...but I think paper piecing is awesome because you can just pick one up when you have a few minutes of sewing time and you know where you started or stopped.

Then I finally had enough! I had to figure out "how the heck do you put this thing together??" So I pieced together all of the arcs. And then I sort of had squares! 

After 3 attempts at putting the whole quilt top together off to Emily it went for quilting!! She is awesome you can find her over at Emerson Quilting. All I told her was something to emphasize the different directions of the geese. It turned out awesome! 

And then it was bound and finished!! All in it was 3 years in the making, in reality I got it back from Sarah in February, I really started making the geese in August/September and it was finished at Thanksgiving. 

It was a massive labor of love. I have been hoarding these Amy Butler fabrics for years to be used on something special. So far I've made 2 quilts with the fabrics. 

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