New Talents: Glassblowing Edition

You know I'm always up for learning new talents, and Nick said he needed a skill to be useful in the Zombie off we went to glassblowing class!

The class was offered through the Crefeld School in Philadelphia, which is the same location and teachers as the awesome stained glass class that I took earlier. If you are interested they usually have classes available through the Mt Airy Learning Tree .

First thing to know about glass blowing, its very hot! We were lucky enough that it was a chilly day for our class so we weren't to hot.

Second thing to know about glass blowing, hot glass is heavy and bright! When you look into the vat of melted glass its like looking into the sun.

In the class we each made 2 items, the first thing was a paperweight. The fun thing about paperweights is that you are trying to make as much interest as possible so you want to pull and poke at it a bunch to make that interest.

The next thing we made was a blown object....and I will say object....Mine turned out to be a cute little container that I'm using as a ring holder, Nick's turned out more like a small bowl. I figured out that you really need a strong breath for glass blowing, which I don't think I have. 

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