Weddings and Babies....

This past year was the year of the Weddings and the Babies! Nick and I went to four...count them FOUR weddings over the summer and, my lovely sister had a little nugget! In my house we refer to him as nugget.....
So this was the first finish of the summer. It went to my cousin Stacey and her new husband Brent. 
When I first started this quilt I didn't know where it was going to go. At first I thought that it might be part of a signature quilt that I did for my friends Jenny and Anthony's wedding quilt, but as that came together I knew that these were two different projects. So I put together a new back for this quilt and sent it off to my new favorite long arm quilter! 
I love how this quilt came together and I think it is the perfect gift for Stacey and Brent. 


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