Missing QuiltCon....

While many of my Quilty friends head to Savannah for QuiltCon East I watch from afar living vicariously through their Instagram posts. I had planned on going to QuiltCon this year, road tripping down to Savannah and taking the week as a vacation. But, that all changed when I started a new job at the start of the year. I couldn't really ask for a week off of work a few weeks after starting. So alas QuiltCon was not for me this year.


That doesn't mean that I can't spend my time working on my many projects instead of ogling all of the fabric (and probably buying to much of it as The Cloth Pocket will be there...)

So my goals for this week while others are at QuiltCon

1. Organize my sewing storage: My sewing storage lives on the landing of our stairway. Right now it looks like this:

2. Cut all of my scraps into usable sizes, either 2 1/2 inch strips or squares

3. Make my dining room curtains.

I think that those are all achievable goals to finish before Sunday! Keep me accountable! 

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