Clean it Up! Clean it Out!

Well...I said keep me here's the update!

I didn't get all of my projects accomplished this weekend, but I did end up doing so much this weekend. I had three goals:

1) Organize the sewing storage: Not accomplished
2) Dining Room Curtains: Not accomplished
3) Cut all of my scraps and organize: FINISHED

I started off with 3 giant Ziploc bags of scraps. I borrowed the AccQuilt from the Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild and cut everything into 2 1/2 inch squares or strips and they each went into a bin....

Who knew that 3 bags, once organized, would be so few actual scraps! I don't feel like I have a giant scrap heap anymore and I can see what I have and use them!

But, as I said I did accomplish a lot! So here's what I did complete:
  • Cleaned the Fridge
  • Cleaned and organized the Garage
  • Organized the Laundry Room
  • Cleared out and organized my tall dresser
  • Cleared out and organized my closet dresser
  • Cleaned up my desk area and threw old papers away
  • Cleaned the buffet
I think that is a lot for one weekend, and it didn't feel super overwhelming since they were small projects at a time.

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