T-Shirt Quilts!

Are you like me and hate the throw away anything with sentimental value? Well, I saved all of my campaign t-shirts and turned them into quilts and would love to be able to do the same for you!

I had far to many shirts for just one quilt, so I've separated them into sections. One quilt is just from Ohio 2011, the We Are Ohio Campaign.....our members loved t-shirts so we made them for every event!

Round two is Hillary and Obama 2008. Along with a few College Dems sprinkled in for good measure.

If you want me to make you a great t-shirt quilt, I would love to see who and where you've worked over the years!

Pricing is based on size and layout and you can see that over in my Etsy Shop!


This past month I participated in the #IGQuiltfest hosted by Amy's Creative Side.  I've recently begun digging deeper into the Instagram quilt world. I've often looked to Instagram for inspiration, but haven't for advice. When I decided to participate I was just going to try to do as many days as I could, I only missed a few, but didn't make it everyday!

AND....on day 29 I got featured in the daily round up! I was probably more excited about this than I should have been, but it was a "That's me!" moment!

I'm glad that I jumped in and I'm going to be more active with my quilty fun. So if you want to follow me go ahead! www.instagram.com/fussycutting

New Talents: Glassblowing Edition

You know I'm always up for learning new talents, and Nick said he needed a skill to be useful in the Zombie Apocalypse....so off we went to glassblowing class!

The class was offered through the Crefeld School in Philadelphia, which is the same location and teachers as the awesome stained glass class that I took earlier. If you are interested they usually have classes available through the Mt Airy Learning Tree .

First thing to know about glass blowing, its very hot! We were lucky enough that it was a chilly day for our class so we weren't to hot.

Second thing to know about glass blowing, hot glass is heavy and bright! When you look into the vat of melted glass its like looking into the sun.

In the class we each made 2 items, the first thing was a paperweight. The fun thing about paperweights is that you are trying to make as much interest as possible so you want to pull and poke at it a bunch to make that interest.

The next thing we made was a blown object....and I will say object....Mine turned out to be a cute little container that I'm using as a ring holder, Nick's turned out more like a small bowl. I figured out that you really need a strong breath for glass blowing, which I don't think I have. 

Clean it Up! Clean it Out!

Well...I said keep me accountable...so here's the update!

I didn't get all of my projects accomplished this weekend, but I did end up doing so much this weekend. I had three goals:

1) Organize the sewing storage: Not accomplished
2) Dining Room Curtains: Not accomplished
3) Cut all of my scraps and organize: FINISHED

I started off with 3 giant Ziploc bags of scraps. I borrowed the AccQuilt from the Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild and cut everything into 2 1/2 inch squares or strips and they each went into a bin....

Who knew that 3 bags, once organized, would be so few actual scraps! I don't feel like I have a giant scrap heap anymore and I can see what I have and use them!

But, as I said I did accomplish a lot! So here's what I did complete:
  • Cleaned the Fridge
  • Cleaned and organized the Garage
  • Organized the Laundry Room
  • Cleared out and organized my tall dresser
  • Cleared out and organized my closet dresser
  • Cleaned up my desk area and threw old papers away
  • Cleaned the buffet
I think that is a lot for one weekend, and it didn't feel super overwhelming since they were small projects at a time.

Missing QuiltCon....

While many of my Quilty friends head to Savannah for QuiltCon East I watch from afar living vicariously through their Instagram posts. I had planned on going to QuiltCon this year, road tripping down to Savannah and taking the week as a vacation. But, that all changed when I started a new job at the start of the year. I couldn't really ask for a week off of work a few weeks after starting. So alas QuiltCon was not for me this year.


That doesn't mean that I can't spend my time working on my many projects instead of ogling all of the fabric (and probably buying to much of it as The Cloth Pocket will be there...)

So my goals for this week while others are at QuiltCon

1. Organize my sewing storage: My sewing storage lives on the landing of our stairway. Right now it looks like this:

2. Cut all of my scraps into usable sizes, either 2 1/2 inch strips or squares

3. Make my dining room curtains.

I think that those are all achievable goals to finish before Sunday! Keep me accountable! 


So most of you know my sister had a baby this past year. Little Nugget arrived at the end of July. Well I started making his quilt in....well lets see January.....It took just a little bit of time, but well worth it!

Nugget's nursery is forest animals, so I obviously immediately thought of Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Forest. A few friends have done the foxes or the hedge hogs, but no one yet had done the full forest. Since I finished mine a few have done the full forest of animals.

I think this might be one of my favorites I've made. It's a good combination of colors and fun for a little nugget. 

I think nugget likes it too....

I also made him a little scrunchy bunchy car seat blanket with a little fox on the front and the back is navy sweatshirt material to keep him toasty.  

Weddings, Weddings, Everywhere!

As I said before this past year was the year of the weddings! This one was off to Christine and Rob. When I got this jelly roll I knew that it should be Christine's quilt, but I wasn't sure what it would look like. Then I got this idea in my head. I had to do some math and trial and error, but I finally got to a point where all of my squares lined up!

I had debated on adding a border, but I decided against it, I think it turned out perfectly!

I would definitely do this quilt again, so next time I will put together a tutorial!

Weddings and Babies....

This past year was the year of the Weddings and the Babies! Nick and I went to four...count them FOUR weddings over the summer and, my lovely sister had a little nugget! In my house we refer to him as nugget.....

So this was the first finish of the summer. It went to my cousin Stacey and her new husband Brent. 

When I first started this quilt I didn't know where it was going to go. At first I thought that it might be part of a signature quilt that I did for my friends Jenny and Anthony's wedding quilt, but as that came together I knew that these were two different projects. So I put together a new back for this quilt and sent it off to my new favorite long arm quilter! 

I love how this quilt came together and I think it is the perfect gift for Stacey and Brent. 

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